Snippets from the Farm

Every morning I take Hector ( a wild and hairy Tibetan Terrier ) for a walk somewhere on the farm. If it is particularly muddy or I'm unable to take him in a field for some reason, I'll walk up the long deep cut drive and out onto Stubb Lane. The lane is lined with hedgerows, trees and a small wooded area now a carpet of wood anemones and bluebells. The air is full of birdsong. A few days ago on my way down to the river I saw seven Red Legged geese, wild ducks, a Cormorant, dozens of Blue Tits, Herons, Swans and Marsh frogs. All were making various calls and twitterings and in the distance a Woodpecker was busy tapping on a tree.

At night when Hector goes out for his last "potter" I often hear the Barn owl and Tawny owl calling - the latter Stuart discovered sitting on the garden fence a few feet away at dawn during lambing.....a surprise for both of them!

Rustling, barking, squeeling, fluttering, baa-ing, bleating and more can all be heard around the farm house, Oast and Shepherd's Hut. Pipistrelle and Long eared bats can be seen on a clear moonlit night under a black starry sky.

There is so much to see and hear on the farm both day and night and I will try and share what I see and hear by regular "snippets".

Annie .............. (the Woodpecker must be on a mission - it's been tapping from dawn until dusk!)

Written by Annie

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