Biodiversity on the Up

As farmers and guardians of our own small slice of land set on either side of the Brede Valley, near Rye in East Sussex, we are committed to doing our bit to encourage biodiversity. 

The farm thrives on a healthy balance between breeding sheep and nurturing the environment. We are part of DEFRAs environmental schemes, meaning encouraging biodiversity is integral to the farming system we run here at Hare Farm. 

New hedging has been planted each year, covering miles of field margins. The hedges are double fenced to ensure they thrive. 

Hedge planting at Hare Farm

Many of our pastures are low input areas, especially the marshlands either side of the River Brede, with minimal fertiliser and grazing. Come this time of year, the Winter months, and much of these marshes can be completely underwater. 

The marshes at Hare Farm, bedside the River Brede

We created a new lake in 2012 just a short walk from the farmyard at Hare Farm. Its natural springs and position in the trough of a natural amphitheatre, was crying out for a small amount of intervention to create a water hole which could mistakenly be perceived to have existed as long as the grass around it. It is already a haven for wildlife, including ducks, coots, frogs, dragon and damsel flies and many pond plants. 

The new lake at Hare Farm

In 2013, we planted an orchard of 30 trees close to the oast house, a future playground for bees and a small step towards being more self sufficient. 

The new orchard at Hare Farm

Two pairs of barn owls live at Hare Farm, one pair in the Sussex Barn, adjacent to the Oast. Touch wood, and when staying on the farm, you’ll enjoy the spectacle of the owls in flight, out hunting. 

Tagging of an owlet

The Oast and shepherd's hut at Hare Farm are surrounded by nature and wildlife, living in harmony with the sheep on the farm. Open all year, stay at Hare Farm and enjoy the changing seasons and with it the changing patterns of nature. 

Written by Joanna

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