What a Great Host is the Oast...

In the four years since the oast house opened its doors to holiday guests, it has hosted countless special celebrations. 

We've probably all been there when trying to work out what to do for a special anniversary or birthday.

Do we throw a big or small party? The expense, the effort, the centre of attention feeling - they all play their part in making us hesitate. 

Do we escape the noise and indulge in a holiday abroad just for us? That would be lovely, but will we miss toasting the occasion with friends too...

Do we have a dinner party at home or in a restaurant? Nice, but is it nice enough?

My father-in-law went through the exact same dilemmas for his 70th. Me too for my 40th. There's no escape. Something has to be arranged and we need to be looking forward to it, not worrying needlessly.

That seems to be where booking a lovely English holiday house for a celebration seems to be hitting the spot for more and more soon-to-be milestoners. Just getting 8-20 closest friends or family together, inviting them to stay for a night or more, is an absolute treat for everyone. The time spent together is quality time, the holiday house has the special something, and everyone can relax and enjoy. 

The Oast here at Hare Farm near Rye  has played host to many 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th and 80th birthday celebrations. Either a group of girlfriends (that's what I chose for my 40th), or all generations of the family, or couples getting together to escape and indulge. We have also had one couple host their wedding celebration in a marquee in the field at the edge of the garden, with their honeymoon suite being the roundel bedroom in the Oast house, just a few metres' walk away.

Ruby and Golden wedding anniversaries have also been celebrated at the Oast house, and even one Golden couple chose the shepherd's hut on the farm to celebrate their big milestone. Just the two of them fancied a glamping celebration and what a wonderful experience for an active couple who were keen to hide away and be close to nature. 

The Drake family have been our latest guests at Hare Farm and they booked the Oast to celebrate Jane's 60th birthday. "We had a lovely time thank you.  All our friends and family that joined us were equally as bowled over by the beautiful Oast House and surrounding countryside.  The weather was glorious and overall the week was fantastic".

Celebration house at Hare Farm Rye

Being a self catered property, the oast house gives guests the freedom for when and how to wine and dine during their stay. Cooking in the roundel kitchen is quite a novelty, so there may not be a shortage of keen bakers during the stay. But it's also good to know that the Red Lion Inn is just a 15 minute walk away and serves delicious meals and local beers. Don't leave the pub without a few eggs and homemade bread for breakfast the next day.

We also can recommend caterers who have created and provided the dinner party menus for guests. What could be more relaxing than basing the dinner party at home, and hit the sack with just a few steps upstairs. Dining in the huge open space at the Oast, with its fascinating history and design, and its wonderful far reaching views is quite something. You may also just get the bonus of watching the barn owl fly down over the garden into the valley and back, searching for her own dinner whilst you enjoy yours...

Weekend breaks start from £1,050 at Hare Farm Oast. It sleeps up to 12 people, and the shepherd's hut close by can sleep an extra 2.

Click here for latest availabilities, or simply drop Joanna an email stay@harefarm.co.uk or call 07802 979348. 

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