Something Different for the Family?

Every year, we can spend hours trawling through websites and brochures, trying to work out what's best for the next family holiday. Budgets can be a huge limitation, and once we have considered the flights, car-hire, insurance and all the paraphernalia that a holiday abroad involves, there are more and more families now choosing to stay put in the UK. It's far from unattractive to have to travel just an hour or so from London, find somewhere unique to escape to, down tools in an instant and enjoy quality family time together at one's own pace. The weather is the only unpredicatble far so good for this Summer at least. 

So why should we think Hare Farm hits the spot and is an ideal holiday destination for families? 

1. Lots of space, and the space is beautiful

Children need space. Grown ups need space. Children need space to run. Grown ups need space to recharge. What better space than large open pastures all around you, a half acre plot of garden, and a huge three kiln oast house to live in. 

Large garden at Hare Farm Oast

Inside, the Oast's space has been left simple, with one huge open living space joining the three round kilns (where once hops were dried). Large bi-fold doors open up to the gardens, which themselves open up to acres of Hare Farm land, extending from one side of the Brede Valley to the other. 

Large living space at Hare Farm Oast

2. Lots to do outdoors

The large garden is split in two. One area is gated for smaller children where you'd like to keep some control as to where they go. The other larger space is ideal for ball games. There's equipment in the Oast for cricket, rugby, football and badminton, plus a very small paddling pool to help keep cool. 

Gated garden at Hare Farm Oast

Footpaths extend in a few directions from the Oast's back door. The walk to the pub takes just 15 minutes, as does the valley walk down to the river Brede. There are hour-long looped walks across rolling hills, and there are much longer walks for those with ambition. 

Hare Farm Views

The farm itself is a working sheep farm. You will undoubtedly see Stuart at work with his dogs, and if time allows, ask if you can get involved. During the summer holidays, sheep and lambs will be all around you, and hay will be made while the sun shines. 

3. Sleep in a tower

Three of the bedrooms are round, with their walls extending up, into a vast coned ceiling. A family commented recently how their children could not go to bed soon enough. They loved sleepng in their so-called "tower". Surely that's music to all parents' ears?!

Sleep in a Tower

4. Live amongst wildlife

How exciting and novel for many children to hear the sounds, and see the sights of a plethora of wildlife, whilst staying in their oast house holiday home. The gentle baa-ing of sheep and lambs will become your reassuring background noise, interrupted occasionally by the sounds of frogs, owls, foxes and the whirr of a quad bike or tractor. 

Hang out in your garden in the evening, and you should be blessed with the silent flight of the barn owl, flying to and fro down the valley in pursuit of her prey. 

5. Eat in or Out. Do it yourself or by others. 

Self catering does not need to be a chore. Instead it offers you choices of what to do, versus having to eat with the hotel hoards, at the same time. With a great food pub just a 15 minute walk away, which also sells food items to take home (such as home-made bread, eggs, butter and bacon), breakfasts can be a pleasure as a family at your holiday home, and eating out is just a pleasant stroll away. The Red Lion's chef will also offer at-oast catering too, so choose your menu choices in advance, and Gary will deliver. We can also offer other in-house catering options too, on request. 

With a fabulous large Rangemaster cooker inside the Oast's stylish round kitchen, you may find there will be too many willing cooks looking to work on the curved surfaces. And with a barbecue outside, the Oast can also play host to some fun, relaxed meal-times too. 

5. Take up the shepherd's hut as well. 

Several  large groups staying at Hare Farm Oast also book the shepherd's hut to make their family farm stay even more spacious, quirky and fun. The hut is a very charming private bolthole for a couple to escape to, just a couple hundred yards from the Oast. It also has a fire pit and lovely rustic outdoor space to enjoy. At this time of year, be rocked to sleep by the ewes and lambs itching their backs on the side of the hut. 

shepherds hut

6. And just a stone's throw from so much to do. 

Hare Farm is tucked away so when staying on the farm, you feel in the middle of nowhere. Get in the car though, and drive ten minutes, and you will have arrived for some great days out. The medieaval town of Rye is your local town, the coastline from Hastings to Rye then to Camber offers many lovely beaches and places to eat. There are castles, abbeys,  gardens, parks, aquariums, fun places, quiet woods, riding, watersports....the list is endless from which to choose. 1066 Country, our cherished spot encompassing Rye, Battle and Hastings, offers a perfect blend of history, culture, coast and countryside, with lots of amusement in between. 

All said and done, Hare Farm really is an ideal place to holiday as a family in the UK. Take a look at the lastest availability here

Written by Joanna

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